The Bobble Butt Dolls

Bobble HEAD dolls? Yawn.bobble_butts

We created the world’s first Bobble BUTT dolls for our One Wipe Charlie #CleanSnap pro centers:

Buffalo center Eric Wood
Dallas center Travis Frederick
San Diego center Nick Hardwick
Minnesota center John Sullivan

These bad boys are one-of-a-kind, custom made, 100% exclusiveness. And we’re giving them away.

Want one? Tweet, Vine, Instagram, or FB post one of your game day rituals with #DSCTailgate. Anything works. Camping out in the parking lot? Show us. Cooking up a drum of chili at home? Send us a bowl. Smoking up some ribs in the backyard? Let’s see what you got. If the Chairman picks yours, one of these butts will be bobbling away on the mantle above your fireplace.