Well, this is awkward…

It’s back to school time, and the Chairman is reminiscing about younger, simpler, awkward-er times.


We all went through that awkward phase. Even the Chairman. It was a time when we didn’t get to choose our own clothes. Or if we did get to choose, we had really, really terrible taste. It was a time of bowl haircuts, self haircuts, or no haircuts at all. But now that we’re older and cooler and handsomer, we can look back on those years and laugh. So that’s what we’re going to do.

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Member Business: Patrick Lehoux


When our member Patrick Lehoux realized how much energy could be saved by upcycling his old bottles instead of recycling them, he knew he had a great business idea.  He invented the Kinkajou, a bottle cutter named after an adorable animal with powerful chompers.  The colorful Kinkajou tool is strong enough to cut safely through glass and its DIY fans are using it to give their bottles new lives as drink ware, candle holders, even pendant lights.  The biggest challenge in launching his business?  Patrick had to conquer his fear of being in a Kickstarter video.  Twenty days later, Patrick had $80,000 to launch Kinkajou.  And he’s fully overcome that stage fright: today Patrick gives TED talks on how those 20 days changed his life.  Patrick, we raise a glass to you!


You can order your own Kinkajou bottle cutter at Patrick’s website, bottlecutting.com.



August Rompecabeza

Wondering what the answers are to August’s Rompecabeza that Sadie, our COO’s 4 year old daughter, thunk up? Did you notice the hint at the bottom of the page? If you didn’t see it and you still want to give the puzzle a shot, stop reading now, cuz SPOILERS AHEAD.

August Rompecabeza

The key to the puzzle is to think of each number as a day of the week. 1 = the 1st day of the week, or Monday. 2 = 2 days in, or Tuesday, 3 = 3 days in, or Wednesday, and so on and so forth. If a number is greater than 7, it falls into the following week; 8 then would be a Monday, or 7 days + 1 day. Now that you have the key, it’s easy to see how Sadie reached the answers she did:

1 day + 4 days = the 5th day of the week (Friday)
7 days + 7 days = the 7th day of the 2nd week (Sunday)
5 days + 6 more days = the 4th day of the 2nd week (Thursday)

So the answers to the unfilled answers are thus:

2 + 3 = 5
1 + 11 = 5
7 + 3 = 3

Thanks for playing! Stay tuned for September’s Rompecabeza — hint: The answer is One Wipe Charlie related.