Cut, Paste, Save Lives

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Don’t have to worry about Colon Cancer yet? Must be nice. Well, you probably have some family or friends over the age of 50 that you care about. So cut and paste this email to tell them about the importance of getting screened:



Dear Mom/Dad/Grandpa/Grandma/Uncle Biff,

It’s March, and that means I’m thinking about your butt.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness month, and you need to know that Colon Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related death in the US. But the good news is that it’s preventable and treatable if it’s caught early with a colonoscopy.

Please don’t make me think about your butt anymore. Talk to your doctor about getting screened.






Help us spread awareness. Click the tweet button to share with your friends & family and we’ll donate $1 to the Colon Cancer Alliance.

5% of One Wipe Charlies’ sales go to the Colon Cancer Alliance



A Note from Mike

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As you know, Dollar Shave Club is sponsoring the Colon Cancer Alliance for National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  We’re donating our time & money to help raise awareness about the importance of getting a colonoscopy.  According to the Colon Cancer Alliance, Colon Cancer is 90% preventable when detected early.

Which leads me to this:

I recently found out my family has a history of Colon Cancer, and our family doctor thinks it’s a good idea for me to get screened early.  So, I’m having the procedure done on March 19th, and I’m going to share the experience across our social media.  From the dietary restrictions, to the epic bowl riding the day before, to the post-procedure recap, you’ll be with me the whole time.  Lucky you.

You can follow the journey with the hashtag #DSColon, and please join in.  Since this is my first ever colonoscopy, I’d love to hear your tips, advice, or stories.  Just be sure to use #DSColon to make sure I see it.

For whatever reason, colonoscopies have a stigma.  But they’re not a big deal.

Thanks for helping me & DSC spread awareness about this preventable disease!



Help us spread awareness. Click the button below to share with your friends & family and we’ll donate $1 to the Colon Cancer Alliance.

5% of One Wipe Charlies’ sales go to the Colon Cancer Alliance



It’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. And We’re Sponsors!

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Dear Members,

As you know, last year we launched One Wipe Charlies — the amazing and tingly butt wipe for men.

But Dollar Shave Club cares about your butt inside and out, so this month for National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month we’re sponsoring the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Colon Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the US.  And 5% of Americans will be impacted by the disease in their lifetime*. That means 25,000 of Dollar Shave Club’s 500,000+ members could be affected.

So this month we want to raise awareness about the importance of getting a colonoscopy — Colon Cancer is 90% curable when found early!  To help the cause we’re giving the Colon Cancer Alliance 5% of One Wipe Charlies’ March sales to help raise money for the cause.

Keep coming back to the blog during the whole month of March for more facts and prevention tips.



Save a life. Click the button below to share with your friends and family about the importance of a colonoscopy and we’ll donate $1 to the Colon Cancer Alliance:

5% of One Wipe Charlies’ sales go to the Colon Cancer Alliance



5 Facts You Need to Know about Colon Cancer*

  • If you’re over 50, doctors recommend a colonoscopy every 5 years.**

  • There are more than one million Colon Cancer survivors living in America.**

  • Experts estimate 96,830 new cases of Colon Cancer this year.**

  • An estimated 23-million people are at-risk for Colon Cancer and not getting screened as recommended. ***

  • Thanks to an increase in screening, the Colorectal Cancer death rate in both men and women has been dropping over the past 20 years. **


*Source: Colon Cancer Alliance

**Source: American Cancer Society

***Source: Center for Disease Control

DSC Sponsors Your Thing: Monster Juice

Name: M.D. Payne

Business: Children’s books writer 103630668_9780448462288_large_Boogers_from_Beyond_#3

What he’s doing: Monster Juice is a series of funny gross-out horror books for children aged 8-10. The first three books, Fear the Barfitron, Fartsunamiand  Boogers from Beyond are available in stores now. Burpstronauts comes out this summer.

“My goal is to draw young readers in with outrageous horror humor and get them to read at a higher level without even knowing it”.

What he needs: “I really need promotion. The books are out there (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Wegmans, Krogers, etc.) and the kids are responding really positively. But I’ve yet to reach a tipping point”.

How we’re helping: Dollar Shave Club is giving M.D. $500 to buy a fog machine and sound effects machine for school visits.

How you can help: Buy his books!

A Sweater Less Ordinary

The Chairman knows you must of been the life of the holiday party. Those were some…interesting sweaters. Bells and lights and whistles? Check. Loud colors and designs? Duh. Ill-fitting? You know it.

The Chairman had five favorites this season, but only one can stand uglier than the rest:



Congrats Kyle, you’ve earned yourself a DSC ZBoard. Those not in the top spot will get a funky sweater to add to their already impressive collection, courtesy of our friends at

Didn’t make the grade this time? Don’t worry — the Chairman’s always got something cookin’, so check back soon for the next Chairman’s Choice.

The Gifted Man: A Holiday Infographic

We know how difficult it can be to buy gifts for guys, so we polled our members (the smartest men in all the land) about the worst gifts they’ve received over the holidays and used the results to create this awesome infographic. Hopefully it’ll help you find the best gifts for guys this holiday season.



Interested in picking up a gift card? You can do so here.


It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year (for sweaters)




The holidays are a magical time.


Your co-worker getting blitzed at the company party and telling off your boss. Cousin Greg’s unannounced recital of his poetry at the table. And, of course, the most celebrated of all holiday errors in judgement, the holiday sweater.


We’ve all gotten a hideous holiday sweater at some point. Annnnnnd we all have photo proof of it. There’s probably a baby pic of you in a rad red reindeer romper. And there’s most likely a family photo of everyone wearing the same itchy wool turtleneck, knitted by that well meaning aunt with terrible, terrible taste.


It’s the holiday sweaters that make this time of year so magical. And if you’re brave enough to share yours, the Chairman wants to send a little holiday magic your way. Just FB, Instagram, Vine, or tweet us a pic of your holiday sweater with #DSCHoliday. If the Chairman picks yours, he’ll send you an even more absurd sweater, courtesy of our friends at Funky Christmas Sweaters and a ZBoard, the motorized skateboard designed for easy escapes from any family gathering.

Stay warm!


Here’s 3 ways to get your photo noticed by the Chairman:
  • Post an image on our Facebook Fan Page or,
  • Post a photo on Twitter, Vine or Instagram with the hashtags #DSCHoliday
  • Bypass Facebook and Twitter and upload an image below.

Check back to see if your photo made it in the Gallery. We’ve made it real easy. Now do your part and get snapping. Shave on, folks.


In the Chairman’s eyes, you’re all heroes.

Pop Pop would be proud. Your ‘stache might be as thin as a teenager’s, but dammit, you wear it like a hero.

After quite a spell locked in his study the Chairman has seen fit to bequeath Pop Pop’s Mustache Mystery Box (including a Sole Bicycle, a Mustache Tie & Mustache Socks from TieBar, and an Essential Daryl Hall & John Oates CD/Tape/LP). Check below to see if you’ve got the lucky mo’.


Thin Mo


Didn’t win this time around? Don’t fret. The holidays are here, and the Chairman’s checking his list. Twice.