Over the past few days, many have asked us if we want/would like to/intend to play a role in the de-bearding of the now victorious 2013 world champion Boston Red Sox.

 The answer is no.  And our official statement reads thusly:

Dollar Shave Club has no official interest in shaving the facial talismans that brought a World Series win to the beautiful, bearded borough of Boston.  The last thing we want is retribution from the baseball gods for snubbing their lucky stubble.  If someone’s gonna shave ‘em, it ain’t gonna be us.

And so we say, #DontShaveTheSox. Respect the lucky beards.  Any player willing to keep his beard and hang from it a card naming his favorite charity, Dollar Shave Club will donate $1000 to that charity. All we require is photo proof tweeted to @dollarshaveclub.

Just doing our part to keep things lucky.