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DSC Rompecabezas: Word(s) Up


How many words of 4 letters or more can make from the word THUNDERSTORM? 871 to be exact. Think you’ve found them all? Check the table below to find out:

dehorn horde muns reruns smote thus
dehorns hordes munster resh smother tods
dehort horn muon reshod smut toed
dehorts horned muons reshot smutted toes
demo hornet murder resod sned tome
demon hornets murders resort snore tomes
demons horns mure resound snored toms
demos horrent mured rest snorer tone
demount horse mures retorn snort toned

The Gifted Man: A Holiday Infographic

We know how difficult it can be to buy gifts for guys, so we polled our members (the smartest men in all the land) about the worst gifts they’ve received over the holidays and used the results to create this awesome infographic. Hopefully it’ll help you find the best gifts for guys this holiday season.



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Tired of giving family and friends the same old sock/tie combo for the holidays every year? Worried about what to get your “freethinking” cousin in art school? Don’t want to give Dad yet another cologne set that will have him smelling like a bathroom attendant? Don’t stress. We’ve got your back. Get ‘em all DSC E-Gift cards.
Between now and November 26th, you get $10 in DSC credits for every purchase of a DSC E-Gift card of $50 or more. There’s no limit to how many gift cards you can buy, so there’s no limit to how much DSC credit you can earn. So go spread some joy.  Just choose the amount ($50 or more), select the delivery date, then grab a mug of eggnog, because you just finished your holiday shopping. Santa’s got nothing on you.




Over the past few days, many have asked us if we want/would like to/intend to play a role in the de-bearding of the now victorious 2013 world champion Boston Red Sox.

 The answer is no.  And our official statement reads thusly:

Dollar Shave Club has no official interest in shaving the facial talismans that brought a World Series win to the beautiful, bearded borough of Boston.  The last thing we want is retribution from the baseball gods for snubbing their lucky stubble.  If someone’s gonna shave ‘em, it ain’t gonna be us.

And so we say, #DontShaveTheSox. Respect the lucky beards.  Any player willing to keep his beard and hang from it a card naming his favorite charity, Dollar Shave Club will donate $1000 to that charity. All we require is photo proof tweeted to @dollarshaveclub.

Just doing our part to keep things lucky.


The DSC office dogs are dressing up for Halloween (against their will). Help us decide who wore it better: #Boogie or #Ziggy.