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Member Business: Patrick Lehoux


When our member Patrick Lehoux realized how much energy could be saved by upcycling his old bottles instead of recycling them, he knew he had a great business idea.  He invented the Kinkajou, a bottle cutter named after an adorable animal with powerful chompers.  The colorful Kinkajou tool is strong enough to cut safely through glass and its DIY fans are using it to give their bottles new lives as drink ware, candle holders, even pendant lights.  The biggest challenge in launching his business?  Patrick had to conquer his fear of being in a Kickstarter video.  Twenty days later, Patrick had $80,000 to launch Kinkajou.  And he’s fully overcome that stage fright: today Patrick gives TED talks on how those 20 days changed his life.  Patrick, we raise a glass to you!


You can order your own Kinkajou bottle cutter at Patrick’s website,



DSC Member Mission: Fallen Officers

Carye Adkins TexasWheels_Google

Member since: December 2013

Mission: Carye’s raising money for police officers who have fallen in the line of duty

What he’s doing: Carye is a member of the Texas Wheels of Justice, a public charity bicycle team from Abilene, Texas who raise money for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and other worthy causes. From May 9 through the 12th, Carye and his fellow riders will be participating in the Police Unity Tour, a charity ride from East Hanover, NJ to Washington, D.C. to raise money for the families of police officers who have fallen in the line of duty.

What he needs: Carye and his team each need to fundraise $1750, and they need help covering expenses on the road getting from Texas to New Jersey.

What we’re doing: Dollar Shave Club is donating $500 to help Carye with his entry fee, as well as the food, fuel, and lodging expenses him and his team will incur along the way.

What you can do: Support Carye and the Texas Wheels of Justice as they bring public awareness to those police officers who have died in the line of duty. Head to and donate today.

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DSC Member Mission: High School Robotics

Spencer Kiper Robitics_Google

Member since: July 2012

Mission: Making robotics cool in Shreveport, LA

What he’s doing: Spencer teaches robotics to middle schooler to get them excited about science in a hands-on environment.

What he needs: “Equipment for the lab so my kids can create their own inventions.”

How we’re helping: Buying him a laptop to run a 3D printer

How YOU can help: Volunteer in your hometown mentoring kids in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines.

DSC wants to help you do Your Thing. Click here and tell us about it — you may just end up being featured in our Bathroom Minutes magazine, and on our blog!


Name: Walter “Chip” NickersonTheSpokes_Google

The Cause: Chip donates his time as a photographer to his brother Ronnie’s wheelchair basketball team, The Spokes.

What he needs: Sponsorship for upcoming tournaments.

What DSC is doing: Giving $500 to help pay for tournament facility rentals.

How YOU can get involved: Donate and volunteer! Visit for more info.

Have a thing? Email us at and tell us about it!

DSC Member Business: The Scoopette

Member: Steve Kaufman Scoopette_Google
Member since: October, 2012

The Business: Steve is the inventor of the “Scoopette”, a hand-help scooper that goes inside dog poop baggies. Brilliantly, it adds a layer between the thin baggie, your hand, and the warm dog turd.

What he needs: Help with graphic design and set-up costs.

What DSC is doing: We’re giving Steve cash to help him design a new logo.

How YOU can get involved: Scoop up Steve’s invention at If you email us a pic of your confirmation screen we’ll send you a DSC t-shirt!

DSC Sponsors Your Thing: Monster Juice

Name: M.D. Payne

Business: Children’s books writer 103630668_9780448462288_large_Boogers_from_Beyond_#3

What he’s doing: Monster Juice is a series of funny gross-out horror books for children aged 8-10. The first three books, Fear the Barfitron, Fartsunamiand  Boogers from Beyond are available in stores now. Burpstronauts comes out this summer.

“My goal is to draw young readers in with outrageous horror humor and get them to read at a higher level without even knowing it”.

What he needs: “I really need promotion. The books are out there (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Wegmans, Krogers, etc.) and the kids are responding really positively. But I’ve yet to reach a tipping point”.

How we’re helping: Dollar Shave Club is giving M.D. $500 to buy a fog machine and sound effects machine for school visits.

How you can help: Buy his books!

DSC: Official Sponsor of Greg’s Mustache Pretzels

DSC_FB_MustachePrezelsDollar Shave Club member Greg Golden believes in the power of the pretzel.

 After years of exciting work in the field of forensic accounting, Greg decided to leave the numbers behind and pursue his true passion: pretzels in the shape of mustaches. He’s swapping his calculator for a rolling pin and starting the aptly named Mustache Pretzel.

We salute Greg’s courage and his interest in facial hair. So we’re getting Greg a brand-spankin’-new refrigerator for his curly wares.

Twist one up for us, Greg.



DSC: Official Sponsor of Jacob’s Rickshaw Run

Meet DSC member Jacob Gafner. He and a few buddies decided to get a rickshaw and drive the Rickshaw Run across India. All the way across India. But before you call him crazy, you should know that this rickshaw has seven horsepower, and the trip is a mere 3,500 kilometers. And it’s mostly unpaved. So… yeah. DSC_FB_Rickshaw


We decided to chip in for rickshaw gas money, because how big could the gas tank be on that thing? And since Jacob is also raising money for Frank Water, which provides clean and sustainable drinking water to impoverished communities in India, we decided to pitch in for that, too. Plus, for every time you share Jacob’s story on Facebook or Twitter, we’ll add another buck to the donation.


So keep motoring your way across India, Jacob. And keep an eye out for cows.


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Meet DSC member and brewmaster Kip Barnes.

Tired of working highly respectable day jobs in Los Angeles, Kip and his buddy John set out to realize every young boy’s dream: to open a brewery.

And so, with nerves of steel and a little bit of start up cash from a successful Kickstarter, Kip and John started their own brewery, LA Ale Works.

We love supporting local businesses, and what better way than to chip in and help Kip’s brewery get off the ground.  Heck, we may even start our own Pop-Pop brew.

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DSC: The Official Sponsor of Victor’s Appalachian Travel Hike

Meet DSC member Victor Maisano. Victor is backpacking the Appalachian Trail.

What is the Appalachian Trial? It’s only a 2,184 mile hike through 14 states from Georgia to Maine. Yeah, Victor is basically the most adventurous (toughest? craziest? most badass?) guy we know.

After helping rescue sea turtles in Costa Rica, Victor was inspired to quit his job and begin living a life of adventure. We’re going to help him do just that by giving him a GoPro camera and some new gear so he can give all you weekend warriors a glimpse into what it’s like to really, REALLY, rough it.

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