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A Sweater Less Ordinary

The Chairman knows you must of been the life of the holiday party. Those were some…interesting sweaters. Bells and lights and whistles? Check. Loud colors and designs? Duh. Ill-fitting? You know it.

The Chairman had five favorites this season, but only one can stand uglier than the rest:



Congrats Kyle, you’ve earned yourself a DSC ZBoard. Those not in the top spot will get a funky sweater to add to their already impressive collection, courtesy of our friends at

Didn’t make the grade this time? Don’t worry — the Chairman’s always got something cookin’, so check back soon for the next Chairman’s Choice.

It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year (for sweaters)




The holidays are a magical time.


Your co-worker getting blitzed at the company party and telling off your boss. Cousin Greg’s unannounced recital of his poetry at the table. And, of course, the most celebrated of all holiday errors in judgement, the holiday sweater.


We’ve all gotten a hideous holiday sweater at some point. Annnnnnd we all have photo proof of it. There’s probably a baby pic of you in a rad red reindeer romper. And there’s most likely a family photo of everyone wearing the same itchy wool turtleneck, knitted by that well meaning aunt with terrible, terrible taste.


It’s the holiday sweaters that make this time of year so magical. And if you’re brave enough to share yours, the Chairman wants to send a little holiday magic your way. Just FB, Instagram, Vine, or tweet us a pic of your holiday sweater with #DSCHoliday. If the Chairman picks yours, he’ll send you an even more absurd sweater, courtesy of our friends at Funky Christmas Sweaters and a ZBoard, the motorized skateboard designed for easy escapes from any family gathering.

Stay warm!


Here’s 3 ways to get your photo noticed by the Chairman:
  • Post an image on our Facebook Fan Page or,
  • Post a photo on Twitter, Vine or Instagram with the hashtags #DSCHoliday
  • Bypass Facebook and Twitter and upload an image below.

Check back to see if your photo made it in the Gallery. We’ve made it real easy. Now do your part and get snapping. Shave on, folks.


In the Chairman’s eyes, you’re all heroes.

Pop Pop would be proud. Your ‘stache might be as thin as a teenager’s, but dammit, you wear it like a hero.

After quite a spell locked in his study the Chairman has seen fit to bequeath Pop Pop’s Mustache Mystery Box (including a Sole Bicycle, a Mustache Tie & Mustache Socks from TieBar, and an Essential Daryl Hall & John Oates CD/Tape/LP). Check below to see if you’ve got the lucky mo’.


Thin Mo


Didn’t win this time around? Don’t fret. The holidays are here, and the Chairman’s checking his list. Twice.