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And the #DSChool winners are…


Thanks to everyone brave enough to share their awkward school photos. There were so many awkward gems to choose from, it was almost impossible to pick the top three. Congrats to Richmond, Cait, and Channing. You three truly were the awkwardest in all the land. We just hope you grew out of it.


Stay tuned for next month’s Chairman’s Choice and a chance to take home more fun prizes.

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Well, this is awkward…

It’s back to school time, and the Chairman is reminiscing about younger, simpler, awkward-er times.


We all went through that awkward phase. Even the Chairman. It was a time when we didn’t get to choose our own clothes. Or if we did get to choose, we had really, really terrible taste. It was a time of bowl haircuts, self haircuts, or no haircuts at all. But now that we’re older and cooler and handsomer, we can look back on those years and laugh. So that’s what we’re going to do.

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