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DSC: Official Sponsor of Jacob’s Rickshaw Run

Meet DSC member Jacob Gafner. He and a few buddies decided to get a rickshaw and drive the Rickshaw Run across India. All the way across India. But before you call him crazy, you should know that this rickshaw has seven horsepower, and the trip is a mere 3,500 kilometers. And it’s mostly unpaved. So… yeah. DSC_FB_Rickshaw


We decided to chip in for rickshaw gas money, because how big could the gas tank be on that thing? And since Jacob is also raising money for Frank Water, which provides clean and sustainable drinking water to impoverished communities in India, we decided to pitch in for that, too. Plus, for every time you share Jacob’s story on Facebook or Twitter, we’ll add another buck to the donation.


So keep motoring your way across India, Jacob. And keep an eye out for cows.


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Good Day to You, Fine Sir!



You Fancy!       CC_image

The Chairman believes that you don’t have to wear a top hat and monocle to look like a gentleman. That is, of course, unless the gentleman you want to look like is Mr. Peanut.


No, these days, when the Chairman wants to gentleman it up, he just reaches for a few of his favorite, most upstanding products. The Gentleman’s Deck, a tie from The Tie Bar, an Arlo Jacob Candle, a Bespoke Post Box, and a Mason Shaker. With that gear, you’ll make Mr. Peanut look like a hobo.


Want the Chairman’s gentleman gear? Just tweet, post, Vine, or Instagram a picture or video of yourself looking gentlemanly with #DSCGents.


May the most gentlemanly gentleman win!


US Members Only.



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Check back to see if your photo made it in the Gallery. We’ve made it real easy. Now do your part and get snapping. Shave on, folks.