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Fathers Know Best

The Chairman read all of your Dads’ advice. We’ve never seen him so full of wisdom.

Check out the gallery of the Chairman’s favorites below. If you see your Dad’s face, that means you’re getting a fine leather Bellroy wallet, stacked up with a $100. Use it to take that handsome Pop of yours out for a milkshake. He’s earned it.

Didn’t get chosen this round? Don’t worry — the Chairman’s got something fit for summer coming up.

Stay tuned.

The Father of all Good Advice

There’s only one thing that Dads like more than a catch in the front yard, a comfy armchair, or fifteen minutes of being left alone: Giving advice. Whether we’re talking about cars, cooking, or capitalism, you can always count on your old man to drop some enlightening wisdom. How else would we have known to never eat yellow snow?

So for Father’s Day this year, the Chairman wants to make sure that our Dads get credit for all that geniusness they’re always dispensing. He’s giving away five Bellroy leather wallets stacked with a $100 American Express gift card to the five best pieces of fatherly advice from our members.

Want that loot? Tweet, Facebook, Vine, or Instagram a photo of your Pops and the best advice he’s ever given you with #DSCdads. The Chairman will pick five members to get that cheese.

Now go make Dad proud.


Product “#2”

Today I’m proud to announce’s first non-shave product, One Wipe Charlies.  It’s a butt wipe for men.

OWC joins our lineup alongside our original pre-shave formula, Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter, and the razors that have been keeping members smooth for over a year.

As is our model, Club members can add any product to their next monthly or bi-monthly razor box with just a couple clicks.  Easy.

Some might wonder, “Why is Dollar Shave Club – a company that started with razors – launching a butt wipe?”  Here’s why.

Dollar Shave Club Wants to Own the Bathroom

Dollar Shave Club began with a promise to make guys’ lives better by replenishing an often-used, always-pricey staple affordably and with simplicity.  Our members deserve to have that promise extended to other products they use (or should use) everyday.

Wherever we can offer excellent products that improve quality of life at a great value, we will.  And we’re starting in the bathroom.  One Wipe Charlies is our way of saying – boldly, indeed –  we want to service your face, your ass, and everything in between.

Men Love Wipes

When Dollar Shave Club considers a new product offering, the most important question we ask ourselves is: “Will it enhance quality of life in the bathroom?”

With One Wipe Charlies, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

51% percent of US men 18-45 use flushable wipes.  Yes, you read that right.  Half of men are using wipes to get clean, 16% of them use wipes instead of toilet paper.  Holy crap.

Don’t believe me?  Go ask 10 friends.  I bet five are using wipes.  They’re just not talking about it.  Indeed, 24% of users hide their wipes from visibility.  They swear by the experience, but yearn for something designed for men, not infants.  Something they can be proud to put on display.  One Wipe Charlies answers the call.  Of Doodie.

Better Experience, Better Solution

If 51% of men are using wipes, we think 49% could be doing a better job back there, and enjoying the experience more.  Here’s our perspective:

1) Cleaner:  Wipes are a more thorough way to clean your bottom.  89% of wipe users are “very/extremely satisfied” with their cleanliness after using a wipe vs. only 58% of TP-only users.  This should sound logical:  If you stepped barefoot in a hot pile of dog poo, would you smear it off with a dry paper towel?  No, you’d take a shower.  Well, this isn’t your foot, it’s your center of gravity.  Men who want to live the True Clean – the One Clean – use wipes.

2) Feels Better:  Using wipes is more delicate than grinding away with TP.  You’re not sanding a table, you’re cleaning a very sensitive part of your body.  Be gentle.

3) Faster Solution:  No man – or Shave Club – will ever tell you to hurry up in the bathroom, but when you’re done, you’re done.  You’re in there for the Sit, not the Wipe.  Wipe faster, and get on with your life.

4) Enhanced Life Benefits?  DISCLAIMER:  We can’t actually prove this one, but we’re pretty sure great things happen when your ass smells fantastic.  Ask your five wipe-using buddies.  That’s why they’re smiling.

Dollar Shave Club is the Easiest Place to Get the Things You Use Everyday

Guys are busy people.  We like things easy.  Going to the store is a primitive, frustrating, and costly exercise.  DSC wants to be the superior antithesis.

We are investing in a) technology that fosters an increasingly seamless relationship with our members’ needs, b) product development to ensure we offer only the highest quality shaving, grooming, and personal care products at the best possible prices, and c) a member services team built to super-serve our members and offer a level of care that exceeds our own standards of excellence.

Our products make life better in the bathroom.  Our service makes life better outside it.  Our Club just makes life better.

 Only a butt wipe could disagree.

That’s some nice char.

The results are in, and the Chairman is hungry.

Our members have proven to us that they know how to cook over an open flame. Check out the gallery below and see if your meat made the Chairman’s cut.  If you did, you’ll be getting a sweet package with Honey Badger BBQ sauce, , your own personalized Jones Soda bottle, some sweet Panda Sunglasses, and the JLab portable speaker:


If you weren’t picked this time, don’t sweat the small stuff. Next month’s Chairman’s Choice is so cool it’ll give you back problems.