Monthly Archives: May 2013

Be the Chairman of your Grill

In the Chairman’s backyard, there’s a strict “Stay Up Out My Grill” policy. Keep your hands off his spatula. Don’t tell him the chicken needs more Char. Just like you, he knows what he’s doing.

This month, the Chairman wants to share some BBQ favorites and help up your game. Not saying you need it. Nooooooot saying you need it.

Cobra Strength Honey Badger BBQ Sauce, Custom Jones Sodas, Crasher Bluetooth Speakers from JLab, and of course Panda Sunglasses to protect your discerning eyes from burger splatter, are all part of this month’s Chairman’s Choice

Tweet, Instagram, Vine, or post your best BBQ pic on our Facebook wall with #DSCbbq. The tastiest tips will take home some goods. We be grillin’.




Meet DSC member and brewmaster Kip Barnes.

Tired of working highly respectable day jobs in Los Angeles, Kip and his buddy John set out to realize every young boy’s dream: to open a brewery.

And so, with nerves of steel and a little bit of start up cash from a successful Kickstarter, Kip and John started their own brewery, LA Ale Works.

We love supporting local businesses, and what better way than to chip in and help Kip’s brewery get off the ground.  Heck, we may even start our own Pop-Pop brew.

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