Monthly Archives: April 2013

There can only be one….

With his goggles on and fingerless driving gloves strapped tight, the Chairman plowed through every commute pic and video and has chosen the lucky recipient of our sweet DSC Sole Bike.

With so many great submissions this month it was hard for the Chairman not to break into cold sweats and road rage by proxy trying to pick his favorite, but he did:



Congratulations Guard, you deserved it. We’re even going to throw in a bike lock to replace that old chain you’re using for your car.

Remember, if you weren’t chosen this month, stay the course — the Chairman’s got something finger-lickin’ good planned next.


DSC: The Official Sponsor of Victor’s Appalachian Travel Hike

Meet DSC member Victor Maisano. Victor is backpacking the Appalachian Trail.

What is the Appalachian Trial? It’s only a 2,184 mile hike through 14 states from Georgia to Maine. Yeah, Victor is basically the most adventurous (toughest? craziest? most badass?) guy we know.

After helping rescue sea turtles in Costa Rica, Victor was inspired to quit his job and begin living a life of adventure. We’re going to help him do just that by giving him a GoPro camera and some new gear so he can give all you weekend warriors a glimpse into what it’s like to really, REALLY, rough it.

Want DSC to sponsor your thing? Submit your story to:

Roll Like the Chairman

The Chairman doesn’t believe in wasting time.  He likes to get where he’s going.  That’s why he rolls on a sweet fixed gear bike.

So for this Chairman’s Choice, we want to help you shave some time and money off your commute. Our peeps at Solè Bicycles have hooked us up with a one-of-a-kind, custom DSC bike that will have you popping wheelies on your way to work and whizzing past the gas station. But before you break out baseball cards for the spokes, you gotta prove to the Chairman that you really need to roll like him.

Send us a photo or Vine from your commute with the hashtag #DSCommute that shows the Chairman just how badly you need that Solè bike. It could be a shot of your sky high bill at the pump or grinding it out on a crowded subway platform. If you can move the Chairman with the plight of your commute, he’ll move you with a sweet new bike.