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Final Four? More Like Final Five.

Looking at all of your old school photos has the Chairman wanting to hop in his Model T so he can head down to the local gymnasium to see the Globetrotters play for a nickel. Check below to see if your vintage daguerreotype earned you a Naismith Basketball and Calepino notebook:


Don’t fret if you didn’t take home gear this time — next month’s Chairman’s Choice is going to have you spinning your wheels in anticipation.

DSC: The Official Sponsor of (Your Thing)

You celebrate us. And we want to celebrate you. As such, starting today, “Your Thing is Our Thing”.

If you’re involved in a cause, play on a team, or have a weird hobby you’re proud of, the Chairman wants to help.

Email us at and tell us what you’ve got going on. If the Chairman is moved, he might choose to sponsor you.

Now get out there and be awesome! Like this guy. Who we’d love to sponsor.

The Chairman has a PhD in Bracketology

March Madness is here. Fitting that this Chairman’s Choice should pay homage to the game’s roots…

In 1891, Dr. James Naismith gave birth to a sport we now call ‘basketball,’ so in honor of this ‘original’ Dr. J, the Chairman will be gifting a hand-stitched Naismith Basketball from our friends at Leather Head Sports.  It’s just like the kind Pop-Pop used to hustle kids during pickup games back in the day.

And to sweeten the deal, our pals at Calepino are tossing in some classy pencils and notebooks to help you earn that advanced degree in Bracketology.

Want this throwback swag? Prove to the Chairman that you know how to kick it old school. Tweet/FB/Instagram your best
throwback photo of yourself with the
hashtag #oldschoolballs and let’s see
if you make the cut.

U.S. Members only.


Here’s 3 ways to get your photo noticed by the Chairman:
  • Post an image on our Facebook Fan Page or,
  • Post a photo on Twitter, Twitpic or Instagram with the hashtags #oldschoolballs
  • Bypass Facebook and Twitter and upload an image into our comments

Check back to see if your photo made it in the Gallery. We’ve made it real easy. Now do your part and get snapping. Shave on, folks.