Monthly Archives: December 2012

Winter is Coming…

For the Chairman – just like you, probably – the holidays mean travel.

And the Chairman wants you – just like him, certainly – to go in style.

As such, this Chairman’s Choice presents two travel essentials: The Herschel Supply Novel duffel bag and a Herschel Token dop kit.

How can you go over the river and through the woods in style? Just tweet, post, or Instagram us your Holiday Party. We especially love the “Overly-Festive Sweater”. Mutant reindeer, weird hand-stitched Santa Clauses, 3-legged elves…it’s all fair game. Remember to hashtag #gimmethatduffel and #dollarshaveclub.

As always, Members Only. Not a member yet?

Let’s fix that.

May the ugliest win.


Here’s 3 ways to get your photo noticed by the Chairman:
  • Post an image on our Facebook Fan Page or,
  • Post a photo on Twitter, Twitpic or Instagram with the hashtags #gimmethatduffel
  • Bypass Facebook and Twitter and upload an image into our comments

Check back to see if your photo made it in the Gallery. We’ve made it real easy. Now do your part and get snapping. Shave on, folks.

Manly Meal Winners

Bravo gents. Those were some tasty looking meals you all submitted. Here is a list of DSC members who will be walking away with the Chairman’s nuts, coffee and mayo.

Take a look at these pics and see if your dish made the cut.


Didn’t win? Don’t worry. Next one’s right around the corner. Stay tuned.