Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Chairman’s Nuts (and mayo and coffee)

The Chairman likes to eat.  After all, he too likes to give thanks and celebrate.  And “Why shouldn’t my friends eat like me?” he asked at our last board meeting.  Well, when the chairman barks, we jump.

This week we’re gifting three awesome edible products. First up, coffee.  It’s the caffeine fix you’ll need for the eating marathon ahead — and Groundwork Coffee has you covered. Next up are the ‘certifiably cracked’ nuts from Bobby Sue’s Nuts!, whose taste can only be described as Christmas.  Lastly, we’ll take care of your classy side with some White Truffle Mayo by Empire Mayonnaise Co. (Oh you fancy huh?).  Why mayo?  Why not.  Use it on all those sandwiches you’ll be making out of the leftovers.

How can you get this holiday care package?  Just submit some sweet pics of your manly meals — the most creative and interesting shots will be chosen.  As always, bonus points for showing off your DSC love.  Be sure to include both hashtags: #iwantthosenuts #dollarshaveclub

Don’t forget, you need to be a member to participate.  Not a member yet?  Join us at:

Go nuts.