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PLANK winners announced

Thanks for submitting your pics this round.  Here’s a list of the DSC members who will be receiving this sleek shelf from our friends at ilovehandles.  Check out the pics and see if your PLANK pose made the cut.

Didn’t win?  Don’t panic — there’s always next time.  We take care of our members, so stay tuned and find out what the Chairman’s got up his sleeve next.

MANteresting Halloween Costume Contest

It’s that time of year where we scramble at the last minute to overspend on a pirate costume that only comes in a child’s size, just so we can go to that party without busting out the “my costume is NO costume” routine.  Yes, it’s Halloween.

For those of you for whom Halloween is the culmination of six months of hard work digging aluminum cans out of the trash to hand-sew into a suit of armor complete with a 12 pack box for a helmet, make sure you check out the Manteresting Halloween Costume Contest on

They have requested our discerning eye to help them pick out the most creative costumes, the winners of which Manteresting will announce on November 1st.

Oh, there are some giveaways to boot, so make sure you click on the link below and enter.

It’s Plank Time

Misplace your phone all the time?  Us too.  The Chairman understands the pain of sudden amnesia and is gifting PLANK by iLoveHandles to help you out.

Plank is a sleek wooden shelf for you to put your phone, wallet, sunglasses, blades — any accessory you need to grab when leaving the house.

“But wait,” you say.  ”I see keys too, floating underneath the shelf in the picture. What kind of sorcery is this?!”

Indeed, dear member.  Indeed.  There’s also a magnetic strip underneath the shelf for your keys.

How do you get your hands on this sleek tool of modern design?  Easy.  We want you to take a picture of yourself “planking” in the most creative and unique way possible.  Bonus points for bringing DSC into the picture, but not a requirement.  Have fun, but just remember to keep it safe.  We don’t want any injured members.  You’re too important to us.

Remember to hashtag BOTH #iwantthatplank and #dollarshaveclub.  Oh, and you have to be a member to participate.

Haven’t joined yet?  Don’t fight it:

Winners Announced. Mondays Beware.

Thanks for all the errr….feet pics, guys.

The winners for the fourth round of Chairman’s Choice have been selected.  For the select few who are in dire need of these bad boy socks, get ready to own Mondays like never before.


Meet our winners:

  1. Bobby Thompson
  2. Casey Ze
  3. Danny Gutierrez
  4. Greg Manuel
  5. Jamison Combs
  6. Joel Metivier
  7. Jon Bennett
  8. Jonathan Maki
  9. Josh Stein
  10. Max Lovitz-Wolfson
  11. Mark R Hirschfeld
  12. Samuel Gilleran
  13. Scott Brooks
  14. Tim Fritch
  15. Valentina Simkin
  16. Wayne Denner
  17. Andrew Deister
  18. Will Beck
  19. Mark Ferns
  20. Mark Wolcott

For those of you who didn’t make the cut, turn that frown upside down. You might be getting something in the mail too…