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Monday socks. Er…sucks.

Having a tough time finding matching socks again? Must be Monday. ZZZZZZZZ.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. The Chairman is gifting smart-ass socks from Richer-Poorer, Inc. They’ll love your feet just as much as our blades love your face.

All you have to do is submit a photo showing us one of these:

  • Why your Mondays suck OR
  • Why you need these socks
  • All your mateless socks

Just remember to hashtag #gimmethosesocks and #dollarshaveclub. If chosen, we’ll gift you a pair of these stylish socks, so you can start your week out right. We’re fighting back. We’re gonna OWN Mondays — starting from the feet up.


Here’s 3 ways to get your photo noticed by the Chairman:
  • Post an image on our Facebook Fan Page or,
  • Post a photo on Twitter, Twitpic or Instagram with the hashtags #GimmeThoseSocks

It’s RumbaTime — Winners Announced

To everyone who submitted a photo — wow.

You’ve proven that ALL of you are indeed f**king awesome.  Each photo gave us a glimpse into your life, and it wasn’t easy choosing winners.  In fact, your photos were so damn good, we convinced the Chairman to gift a total of 33 RumbaTime watches.  Meet the winners:

Remember to scroll over each pic for their captions.


Keith Knapp

Chad Heard

Ryan Cole

Ryan Doherty

Spencer Durant

Joe C. Mullinax

Daren Knight

Rob Atkinson

Chris Braithwaite

Neil Hill

Jordan Cooper


Sam Mingo

Conor Callaghan

Andy Preisendanz

Matt Smith

Steven Shreve‏

Derek Siegel

Vesper Hope

Dan Howe‏

Teddy Knapp

Fletcher James

Derek House


Yun Lin

Rob Bassett

Leo Carcamo

Jonathan Reed

Robert Simons

Seth Helgeson

Shane Rische

Russ Matzke

Mike Bal

Andrew Deister

Joseph Hill

If your photo didn’t make the cut, don’t cry.  We’re sending you something special in the mail.  For those who won, well done.  You’ll be getting this clever watch in the mail soon.

Get ready, folks.  The next Chairman’s Choice is around the corner.  Don’t blink.



Back to School Doesn't Have to Suck

Back to School — It sucks.  Unless you’re in college.  Then it’s pretty awesome.  For the rest of us who don’t have 10,000 neighbors to make out with, trading sunblock for staff meetings is a painful reminder that soon it will be cold.  And soon we’ll be fat.  Again.

Well, we at DSC want to do our part to make Back to School suck less.  Think of us as the string cheese that brightens up the barren wasteland that is your lunchbag.  We’ll help save you some cash and hook you AND your friend up with a FREE month.

Here’s how to earn FREE months:











  • Send your friends either Ms. Buttercup or Mr. Peppercorn — whoever you fancy more.  Each image has a promo code that will give your friend their first month FREE when they sign up.
  • Here are the codes: IBEFOREE, D12S4C12
  • Make sure to include your referral link along with the image when you send.  Your friend must click that link before signing up so you get credit for the free month.
  • You can find your referral link on your account page.


We want you to be happy and get A’s.  So, save your razor money and go buy a UV lamp to keep your spirits high when it starts getting dark at noon.  In the meantime, let us take care of keeping you clean shaven and beautiful.